EFA Course: Copyediting 101

We are pleased to announce that Editorial Bootcamp cofounder Laura Poole is teaching Copyediting 101 for the Editorial Freelancers Association in Fall 2014. Registration is open and you can read about the course at http://the-efa.org/eve/catalog.php (please forgive the lack of a hyperlink. WordPress does not want to cooperate with me right now)

This  is a five-week nonsynchronous webinar covering the basics of copyediting nonfiction. Find out how to assess manuscripts, prep them for editing, work effectively on screen, make smart choices, references and style guides, style sheets, word choice and grammar, how to keep the author’s voice, querying, fact checking, and much more. Get a solid foundation of skills for your editing career!

Because I’m offering this course for the EFA, I will not be offering the Fundamentals of Copyediting webinar this fall. This EFA course will cover about 80% of the same material. Please feel free to sign up there and interact with me through the course!

Please note: There are some other wonderful courses available through the EFA this fall, taught by some of my very skilled and knowledgeable editorial colleagues. Growing your skills is a terrific way to advance your career and business!

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