Fiction Editing Bootcamp: April 9, 2011

Announcing: Fiction Editing Boot Camp with Alice Osborn
Location: Center for Excellence, 3803‐B Computer Dr. Ste. 106 Raleigh NC 27609
Saturday, April 9th , from 1-5 pm
Cost $150
Register HERE.

This intensive workshop is designed especially for aspiring fiction editors and/or fiction writers who want to break into the fiction editing field either with a publishing house or on a freelance basis. Novelists: learn how to boost your own editing skills via this workshop so you can win an agent and get published!

The seminar covers the following topics (and more!):

  • Overview of the publishing process; style and reference guides
  • Fiction-specific editing concerns: timelines, characters, point of view, revision and more
  • Copyediting: spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, fact checking, queries, author voice, timelines, and fact-checking
  • Work practices: tips and tricks, time management, communication, dealing with problems.
  • Business practices: Getting and keeping clients, rates and billing, follow-up options, networking, professionalism, and deadlines.

As part of your tuition, you are entitled to have your instructor review your first paying project before turning it in to the client.

LinkedIn Group
Participation in a members-only editors’ group on LinkedIn for added communication, networking, and materials. Discussions and job leads also come in through this group.

Alice Osborn is an experienced freelance fiction editor who is also a writing teacher and published poet and columnist. The workshop will give editing techniques specific to the fiction writer to include timelines, characters, point of view, revision and more. Business practices and client retention will also be covered.

Be sure to register at the link above!! Register early to reserve your spot!


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