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Juggling on a High Wire

I’m tickled pink to let you all know that I have written a book for freelancers and self-employed folks! Juggling on a High Wire: The Art of Work-Life Balance When You’re Self-Employed. (Available on in paperback and Kindle versions.)

In my 18 or so years as a freelancer, I have weathered feast and famine periods, been overworked and underworked, and fretted over my schedule as I try to balance work and the rest of my life. This book is based on that experience, plus contributions from other freelancers. I do not pretend to have “the answer” for perfect work-life balance, but I present coaching-style powerful questions, options and choices, and thought challenges to help you create the life you want.

Self-employment can be quite rewarding and even fun, but it presents challenges that we may not have anticipated. Many freelancers end up thinking, “If I’m working ‘when I want to,’ how come that means I’m working all the time?!”

Juggling on a High Wire offers chapters that discuss

  • what work-life balance means in your life, and how your dreams and aspirations fit into it
  • task management in service of work-life balance
  • working from home, while balancing family care and other relationships
  • emergency preparedness
  • dealing with drought, dealing with deluge

I write from my successful career as the owner of Archer Editorial Services and the Editorial Bootcamp. I’m also a trained and certified life coach, which certainly informed some of the concepts in the book.

I offer a practical, thoughtful, real-world approach to crafting and correcting work-life balance. This book is intended for all self-employed workers, from those new to the lifestyle to veteran solopreneurs.

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