This page lists resources that we have put together for Editorial Bootcamp students and any other editorial professionals! Please, feel free to suggest more in the comments. We make no claim that this is a comprehensive list, and we will constantly be adding to it and expanding it.


We have a lengthy list of products we recommend and like for editorial professionals. We posted it as a Listmania list on This list includes all the style guides we recommend, plus specific brands of pencils and pens, rulers, and other useful items.

Editorium has program add-ins and other resources for Microsoft Word. Laura has used the NoteStripper and ListFixer macros and highly recommends them (free to try for 45 days, then $30 to register). They also offer some freebies, including a Style Sheet template and a weekly email newsletter with tips. They also have book: Microsoft Word for Publishing Professionals.

For terrific products for “serious readers,” check out Levenger. Laura absolutely swears by the Editing Desk. She also loves the Circa notebook system (great for keeping paper organization at your fingertips.) Levenger has an eBay outlet, which is a great place to scrounge up some deals!

Sending large files without FTP (free or paid accounts available), via YouSendit.

Free FTP software from Coffee Cup.

Other free software downloads with user recommendations, from TwoCows.

Web Sites

Chicago Manual of Style: You can get an online subscription to CMS here, or buy a print copy, if you like. There are Forums (for online subscribers), Q&A (for anyone; you can sign up to get alerts). Hot Tip: Key changes between 15th and 16th editions are listed here! You can also follow @ChicagoManual on Twitter (useful!) and the Subversive Copy Editor (SubvCopyEd), who is an editor of CMS.

Merriam-Webster ( or Online dictionary, thesaurus, Spanish-English translations, medical, and more. Learn a new Word of the Day, find out about all their dictionaries, and play some word games. Note: There is now an iPhone/iPad app for the M-W Collegiate Dictionary 11th edition (as well as several other apps for different M-W dictionaries)! It costs $24.99 and has a very good rating. When you purchase the latest edition (11th) of the Collegiate Dictionary, it comes with a CD to install dictionary software on your computer. This is very handy if you want to install it on a laptop so you don’t have to lug a dictionary around. Laura finds this software very useful (especially since she misplaced her dictionary!). Follow on Twitter (@merriamwebster) for word of the day.

KOKEdit, Katharine O’Moore-Klopf. Katharine is a consummate editing professional with many years of experience. Her website offers a Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base that lists more resources, classes, information, her newsletters, and her educational programs. If you click on her Administrative page, you’ll see links to her ebooks, Getting Started as a Freelance Copyeditor and Social Media for Editorial Freelancers. Also, follow her on Twitter (@KOKEdit) and look for her classes and seminars!

Editorial Inspirations, April Michelle Davis. Founded in 2001 by April Michelle Davis, Editorial Inspirations provides exceptional editing, indexing, and proofreading services to both publishers and authors. Each task is approached with a greater understanding of the various aspects of the publishing process. The intent of the author and the publisher is always kept in mind–from the first word to well beyond the end. April provides creates training opportunities as well. She has an excellent blog and newsletter, and you can follow her on Twitter, too (@EInspirations).

Editorial Freelancers Association is an organization for professional editors (and writers, indexers, proofreaders, researchers, and other related publishing specialists). They offer a job list, online and live events, local chapters in some areas, newsletters, archived articles, booklets for purchase (including an excellent guide to resumes for freelancers). Fees for joining the EFA vary by category and residence: New Yorkers generally pay $125 a year; others pay $105 (with discounts for 2-year membership; you can get a subscription to the Job List only for $40; there is a $35 sign-up fee).

Helpful Web Pages

Performance evaluation and goal setting for the self-employed

Online chart of proofreaders’ marks

Checking medical/scientific references

Checking sources by DOI
Looking up DOIs of sources

Publishing/freelance job posts.


Peeps to follow (by no means a comprehensive list)

    @SubvCopyEd (editor of the Chicago Manual of Style online!)
    @ChicagoManual (advice from the CMS)
    @lepoole (Laura)
    @deannahoak (sci fi/fantasy copyeditor)

For laughs:

    @FakeAPStylebook (never fails to have me laughing!)