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September 25-26, 2015: Presenting at Communication Central conference, Rochester, NY. Breaking the Feast or Famine Cycle: Creating the Business You Want. As freelancers, we often find ourselves either overscheduled with work or in a lull with not much to do. How do you create and maintain a steady stream of work so that you’re steadily busy and living the life you want? Laura Poole will talk about how you can make the best use of downtime to build your business and how you can cope with the feast portion and not lose your mind. We’ll discuss balancing your work with the rest of your life, cultivating regular clients, anticipating waves of work and slow times, evolving your business and making choices to maximize your billable time, and more. If the reality of your freelance life doesn’t match your daydream version, then this session is for you!

September 27, 2015: Copyediting intensive workshop, Rochester, NY. This six-hour workshop will cover fundamentals and advanced topics of nonfiction copyediting, including: reference and style guides, author’s voice, querying, software, style sheets, notes and references, tables and figures, front- and backmatter.

October 10, 2015: Presenting session (Breaking the Feast or Famine Cycle; see description above) at Beyond the Red Pencil, a one-day conference for the Northwest Independent Editors Guild, Seattle, WA.

January 11, 2016: Presenting classic Editorial Bootcamp in Chicago, IL