Here is what some of our previous attendees have had to say after experiencing the Editorial Bootcamp:*

Great workshop, especially for freelancers who might not have ready access to some of the great tips Laura has. After the workshop, I was able to organize my files better and develop an administrative system to keep track of everything. Without a doubt, what I learned here improved my freelance business and helped me land more jobs.

Laura’s Copyediting Webinars are EXCELLENT! I took an in-person class from her in 2010 and was thrilled when she offered a Webinar in Nov.-Dec. 2011. It was fabulous! Laura prepares and organizes her topics well. She makes good use of time, presenting a wealth of material in a short session and allowing for Q&A. She is warm and engaging throughout. The cost was very reasonable. The fact that she makes recordings of the sessions available adds flexibility in case of schedule conflicts. A+!

I wanted to tell you how your Editorial Bootcamp seminar (I think it’s been at least two years since I attended) helped me land some big jobs and do good work for the client. Specifically, I learned at the bootcamp to:

  • save and manage files effectively and efficiently;
  • maintain a professional manner in correspondence;
  • maintain contact with the project manager;
  • follow instructions;
  • respect deadlines (or give a heads up if I can’t); and
  • tag manuscript.

I have to tag all the elements, and I would not have known what the heck they were talking about when they asked me to do so on their test. I’m really happy to have this client come my way, and I have been silently thanking you as I work through the chapters.

You guys are great instructors. The pace of the seminar seemed right. I really found the hands-on editing useful. I was uncertain about my abilities given that I had never done any kind of editing “officially,” but I wasn’t actually far off the mark, which was encouraging.

Laura and Carolyn are both knowledgeable and easy to talk with. For me personally, I hoped to do more exercises to determine if I can take on entry-level projects in copyediting and/or proofreading.

I’ve done some editing in the past, but this seminar really helped me start up my own freelance copyediting and proofreading efforts. Without it, I would have no idea how to get started.

It was definitely worth giving up my precious Saturday! I was very impressed by the materials and the presentation–Laura and Carolyn have so much valuable knowledge about editing, proofreading, and publishing. It seemed like they had been teaching the seminar for years, but it was only the second time! Great value for the money, especially with the services they offer afterwards, and a wonderful investment in my professional skills.

I loved the bootcamp! I was curious about editing, and thinking of doing some editing of scientific articles for non-native English speakers. The bootcamp gave me all the skills I need. Also, Laura helped me with my resume, and I already got an editing job. I highly recommend Copy Editing/Proofreading Bootcamp!

I had a wonderful time at the workshop and learned so much. I’m currently learning where I can carve out time in my schedule to really get moving toward making this a full-time career. Baby steps are getting me started, but the workshop was a huge leap forward in developing my confidence, not only in my ability to do the work, but to find work to do. I’m not exaggerating when I say you may have changed my life, and I am very grateful!

Persons attracted to this kind of work–whether for professional or personal use–will thrive in the environment of this workshop. The instructors bare their souls on the topics, putting everything on the table for the benefit of the participant while remaining nonjudgmental and diplomatic in their approach to delivery of content as well as acknowledgment of feedback. Every morsel was relevant. The day flew by, and I don’t even remember blinking an eye! Thank you.

You know that thing you could have done years ago that would have made your job a whole lot easier? This is it. I’ve been an editor for 20 years and all of my training has been on the job. This is the only seminar I’ve ever seen that directly addresses what an editor needs to know to succeed, from style sheets to pursuing freelance. Definitely two thumbs way, way up!

Highly useful, very efficient, exactly what I wanted. I have almost no free time, so if I take a whole day off for a seminar, I want to get the info quickly and clearly. You both did a good job of presenting the material and keeping to the schedule. The binder has a wealth of info too, and I know I’ll use it in the future. You worked hard and did a professional job. Well worth it.

I loved the seminar. It gave me a practical, real world view of the publishing industry and dispelled a few misconceptions I’d had for years: namely, that it was simple and hard. It’s actually somewhere in between. The instructors’ presentation style was breezy and approachable, yet knowlegeable and professional, and they kept the digressions to a minimum. I would highly recommend this course to others and hope to attend more like this in the future.

*A note about how some of these testimonials are collected: Two weeks after the bootcamp, a survey was sent  to our attendees. One of the questions we ask is “Please give us an (honest) testimonial about the seminar.” Responses are anonymous. They are posted here with minimal editing (for spelling, punctuation). Sometimes we receive unsolicited testimonials  later. Some testimonials were repeated from business page recommendations on LinkedIn.